What does do? helps educate stucco project seekers on everything they need to know PLUS helping find the right stucco contractor to do the job.

What kind of stucco contractors do you work with?

They are stucco contractors who are professional and reputable and have establshed themselves among the entire community. They are not fly by night operations who are only out to make a quick dollar. These are companies who have a genuine interest in the future of the industry and will be around for years to come. And we have a proven system to verify it.

How do I know that they are what you say they are?

We personally work with every contractor and have been for years.We are their manufacturers, suppliers, inspectors etc and can personally guarantee that they will complete your project the way it was meant to be.

How are you different from contractor referral services?

We are different in quite a few ways.

First off, we’re a completely FREE service. We don’t take a hidden commission like our competitors. We genuinely care about the state of the industry. We are made up of manufacturers, consultants, inspectors and the like. With our combined experience and network, we know some of the best. And since we’re nationwide, we can find you a Toronto stucco contractor, or a stucco contractor anywhere for that matter quickly.

Second, we are a specialised service, only handling requests for stucco.

Third, our network of stucco contractors are personally verified and backed by those who have current and recent experiences with them. Stucco contractors cannot just put their name on a list and away they go. We eliminate all the guess work home/building owners have by providing some of the best talent in the country.

And fourth, we won’t send you general contractors who have listed stucco as part of their many services offered. They will only subcontract the work resulting in higher prices. We are a specialised service and we’ll only send you specialised companies.

How much do you charge for this service?

This service is completely FREE for home/building owners. We don’t get a commission. And we don’t take a cut off the sale. Just great work, guaranteed.

I have never heard of you guys before. How long have you been in business?

We have been helping homeowners and contractors since 2001.


How many projects have you been a part of?

In 2010 alone, we have worked on over 500 homes.

What areas do you service?

Like our company statement says, if you need Toronto stucco contractors, Vancouver, Moncton or anywhere in between, we can help.


OK, I’m ready to give it a shot. What do I do?

Click here and take a few moments to fill out our questionnaire.

What happens after I fill out your form?

Give us 12 hours to review it. We’ll then get in touch by either phone or email (your choice) to discuss your project further. Once we have a good idea on your needs, we’ll put you in touch with three (3) stucco contractors well suited to handle your project.

Why should I use you?

You should at least explore what we can offer. There’s no cost, no obligation and best of all, no risk.


So I don’t have to hire the stucco contractor you send me?

Absolutely not. No cost. No obligation. No risk.

Do you only do residential?

No, we also work on commercial projects.

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